Saving Money While Shopping

Saving Money While Shopping

Seven Interesting Popcorn Flavors To Try

by Clarence Horton

If you're mixing up your own popcorn, you don't have to limit yourself to the traditional additions of butter and salt. You can jazz up your popcorn with all kinds of different flavors to make this simple snack more interesting and experimental.

When you're flavoring popcorn, you have the option of going sweet, spicy, salty, or all three at once. The following are seven great ideas to get you started preparing some interesting and new popcorn varieties in your popcorn machine:


If you love food that's hot and spicy, you should definitely make popcorn that reflects this predilection. Sriracha popcorn can be made by throwing both Sriracha and some sugar in with popcorn kernels before you pop them. 


If you like spicy food that really packs a kick, try wasabi popcorn. You can make wasabi popcorn by simply drizzling wasabi butter over popped kernels. 

If you can't find wasabi butter in a store, you can make it yourself by combining onion, wasabi, and soy sauce with softened butter. 

Lemon kale

You've probably heard about the kale health craze. Kale offers many important vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin 12, vitamin K, vitamin B6, and vitamin B3. You can make popcorn a healthier snack by blending it with the flavor of lemons for an interestingly flavorful popcorn variety. 

Lemon kale popcorn can be made by tossing popcorn together with ground kale, lemon juice, grape-seed oil, and sea salt.

Cilantro and lime

Combining cilantro and lime can create a spicy popcorn with a southwestern flair. You can make it by mixing garlic powder, cumin, cilantro, and cayenne pepper together.

Then, toss this mixture with kernels that have been popped in oil and a bit of lime juice. This popcorn flavor goes great with a bit of salsa. 

Chocolate caramel

For a dessert popcorn, consider combining chocolate and caramel. This is a sweet combination that's perfect for accompanying an after dinner movie. You can make this kind of popcorn by drizzling a mixture of melted chocolate and caramel over popped corn. 


For a sweet popcorn flavor that's perfect for fall, try making pumpkin popcorn. You can make pumpkin popcorn by combining pumpkin puree with a few spices including cinnamon and maple syrup. Place these ingredients in a saucepan, heat and mix them together, and use the mixture as a glaze over popped popcorn. 

Apple pie

You can create popcorn with an apple pie flavor by mixing cinnamon, apple pie spice, and vanilla in with popped popcorn. 

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