Saving Money While Shopping

Saving Money While Shopping

Don't Be Intimidated By Diamonds: A Guide To Buying An Engagement Ring

by Clarence Horton

When it comes time to buy a diamond ring, many guys feel extremely intimidated. The world of diamonds is quite extensive, and it can be overwhelming to try and learn all about them in a short period of time. And if you're not someone who has experience buying jewelry, it can be quite nerve wracking to walk into a store and look at a selection of sparkling diamond rings. Not only is buying a diamond ring a big procedure, it can also be something of a mysterious process to the novice. The process involves lots of terms that can seem hard to decipher to the uninitiated. So, with that said, this article is going to help you out and present you with some simple information on how to buy a diamond engagement ring, including some basic information on the most commonly used terms that you are likely to hear in the jewelry store.

Selecting A Stone Alone

A good idea might be to look for a stone alone, which means choosing a diamond without a setting. You will have more versatility than if you were to limit yourself to choosing a diamond that is already set. When choosing a diamond alone, you can be super picky and choose one that you really are in love with. Then you can match it with a setting. If you were to only look at diamonds that are already set, you will have a limited selection.

Understanding Clarity and Color

If you are completely new to the world of diamonds, then you might think that the most important aspect of a diamond is the size. That's not necessarily true. In fact, many experts will tell you that the most important thing to look at when choosing a diamond is the clarity. This is the degree to which the diamond is free off inclusions and other flaws. A diamond that is close to flawless is worth more, and aesthetically more appealing, than a large diamonds with feathered inclusions and surface clouds. Additionally, color is a huge issue. A diamond with more body color (almost always yellow) is not necessarily a bad diamond, but it will be less expensive. So, it's important to discuss with your fiance whether or not she is someone who prefers a colorless diamond or is fine with one with some body color.

A Perfect Cut

A diamond should have a perfect cut. This can be incredibly difficult to judge on your own. The best way to make sure you've chosen a good diamond is to get one that has been graded by an official agency. A good jewelry store should have diamonds that have been graded by an official agency. This way you can be sure that the cut is perfect.


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Saving Money While Shopping

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