Saving Money While Shopping

Saving Money While Shopping

Trying to Farm on a Mountainside? Why You Need a Rock Breaker

by Clarence Horton

Farming is not an easy thing, especially when you need to get your crops in the ground on time. Most farmers find that they have to go out into the fields and pick rocks out of the dirt every spring. The rocks have surfaced during the winter months, and need to be removed before the plow can go through. Mining on a mountainside is even more difficult, as you will find that you have less soil and more rock to deal with. You will need a rock breaker, or hydraulic hammer, every spring. Here is why.

Soil Is Light, Rock Is Huge

The type of farming you are attempting to do means that you will have to remove more rock and add more soil to get the right balance to grow crops. The soil on most mountains is barely a few inches deep, at best; hardly deep enough for corn or other crops to put down some serious roots. Under that light soil is heavy rock. As you begin to add soil, you may encounter some boulders. The rock breaker will destroy these for you so that you do not have to plow and plant around them.

Rock-Picking in Spring Is Nothing Like a Plains Farmer

If you thought the idea of other farmers picking rocks in spring was unreal, wait until you have to get rocks out of your mountainside field. Mountains shift and grow at rates you cannot imagine, and the result is almost always several boulders or rock slides that build up the base of the mountain. Some of these will definitely land in your crop field. The rock breaker will eliminate them quickly.

The Rock Breaker Will Also Clear Other Troublesome Rocks

In the event that winter snows push other rocks into the way, the rock breaker can eliminate them. It is mounted to the boom arm of a crawler truck, which has all-terrain tracks to get over snow and brush. Rocks that have been pushed down by the weight of snow and ice and have fallen into your driveway or blocked your way to the barn or fields are quickly obliterated. You never need call a mining crew again to remove these large rocks so that you can get back to business and back to daily life. Additionally, if there are ever any farming accidents involving large rocks, the rock breaker can bust up the rock and free the person or animal trapped by the rock.

For more information about how a rock breaker can help your farming endeavors, reach out to companies like American Crush.


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Saving Money While Shopping

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