Saving Money While Shopping

Saving Money While Shopping

3 Creative & Cool Birdhouse Ideas

by Clarence Horton

Spring has finally arrived, and so have all of the birds who flew to warmer climates for the winter season. What better way to welcome those birdies home than with a yard full of cool birdhouses? However, instead of just putting out those pre-packaged, run-of-the-mill birdhouses, use your creativity to give them a totally unique, eye-catching look.

If you're struggling to get your creative juices flowing, here are some cool bird house ideas to get you started.

Make a Mosaic

How about turning those pre-packaged birdhouses into works of colorful art? Head to your local home improvement store and buy a few tiles off the discount rack (of course, choose colors that appeal to you). Put the tiles into a pillowcase and lay them flat on a hard surface. Use a rubber mallet to gently hit the top of the pillowcase, breaking the tiles into small pieces. You can keep breaking them until they reach a size that you desire.  

Working in small areas, apply tile adhesive to the surface of the birdhouse and then simply attach the broken tiles. Continue the process until the entire birdhouse is covered in mosaic tiles. If you're feeling super creative, you can even try to create a design.

Make a Log Cabin Birdhouse

Well, not exactly logs, but branches. Take a nature walk through the woods or your yard and gather tree branches. Take your bounty home and start measuring. Take measurements of the front, sides, back and roof of your birdhouse and then cut your branches so that they are equal the dimensions of your birdhouse.

Once your branches are cut, it's time to start applying your faux wood log façade to your standard birdhouse. Apply wood glue to the back of each of your cut branches, put them in place.

A Copper Palace

Imagine how stunning a birdhouse covered in copper will be sitting in your garden? Well, you don't have to imagine; you can make it happen.

Head to your local metal supplier with the dimensions of the exterior parts of your birdhouse that you want to cover in copper; for example, you could just cover the roof, or you could cover the entire birdhouse. Once you have the sheets of copper cut to size, take them home and apply them to the appropriate locations on your birdhouse using epoxy.

However you choose to decorate your birdhouse, have fun and enjoy the birds who will call those houses home.  


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