Saving Money While Shopping

Saving Money While Shopping

Tired Of Boring Birdhouses? Easy Ways To Add Pizzazz To Your Birdhouses

by Clarence Horton

Bird houses have the unusual advantage of being both functional and ornamental. A birdhouse made with sturdy materials can last for several years and can serve as a home for many generations of birds as well as provide décor for your outdoor area. However, many times birdhouses can be very ho-hum in their appearance. If you are frustrated with the humdrum look of your outdoor birdhouses, here are some fun ways to spice up the look of your birdhouses with a bit of creativity.

Add Flowers

Silk or plastic flowers can make a lovely addition to your birdhouse, and attract birds as well. Certain birds are attracted to certain colors. For example, bluebirds and jays love the color blue, as it reminds them of potential food sources. Use hot glue or superglue to add colorful fake flowers all over your birdhouse in the colors that will attract the visitors that you want.

Add some fake greenery around the birdhouse post for even more affect.

Paint Is Your Friend

Tired of plain birdhouses? Add some splashes of acrylic paint to the birdhouse and go wild with fresh, Caribbean colors! Add some snazzy turquoise, brilliant acid green or deep reds to really make the colors stand out in your patio areas.

When you do finish painting the birdhouse, add a clear varnish over the entire house to keep the paint from peeling and to protect materials of the birdhouse from outdoor weather.

3D Effects

You can also make your birdhouse more of a work of art by adding in three-dimensional objects to the birdhouse. For example, you can glue on blocks of wood cut into pleasing shapes, such as hearts or flowers. Add these onto the birdhouse where the birds can use them for a perch as well!

 You don't just have to stick with wooden blocks, either, but can really have fun gluing on things like pennies, beads, colored feathers, or even pretty metal chains. You can personalize the birdhouse to reflect your taste and style with little more than glue and everyday objects.

Don't forget that you can make unique birdhouses a fun craft project for kids, too. Your children can glue on blocks, toys, and even a picture of themselves onto the birdhouse. As long as the items are securely fastened on and a clear varnish is applied, you can turn any birdhouse into an unique artistic bird house item as well. 


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